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The Lion City Roars With Your Cubs - Top 5 Things To Do With Kids In Singapore

20 years ago the word “fun” was considered an antonym for “Singapore”

The Lion City Roars With Your Cubs - Top 5 Things To Do With Kids In Singapore

20 years ago the word “fun” was considered an antonym for “Singapore”. Like bulls and red capes, the two couldn’t seem to come together without disastrous results. Now though, to use the hackneyed phrase, times have changed. Eager to shake off its reputation as “Disneyland with the Death Penalty”, the Little Red Dot has spared no expense in trying to exude a more fun-loving appearance, sans the capital punishment. Though those looking for a raucous night out are still better off in Bangkok or Phnom Penh, the more family-oriented amongst you will be spoilt for choice. Here’s where to take your little bundles of joy on your stay in the Lion City.


#1 Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 I have a penchant and/or weakness and/or neurosis for trying to find the most “authentic” local activity I can when visiting a place. And I think I found it. For those of you like me who desperately try to shake off the label “tourist” there is that quintessential Singaporean uncle activity: Bird Singing Corners. When I first heard about it it sounded as exciting as watching trains arrive in the station. After visiting Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club on Ang Mo Kio Avenue, I’ve repented for my previous narrow-mindedness. Dozens of 25 foot poles, each crowned with a tropical songbird in an ornate cage. Singing competitions are held and judged by amateur judges. Personally, for me the debates betweens the uncles over whose bird won was the highlight.


#2 Singapore Botanic Gardens Heaven help me, I know it’s a horrendous cliche but there isn’t any other way to say it. If you can only do one thing and nature’s your family’s thing, there is possibly no better place than the Singapore Botanical Gardens. In addition to being arguably the finest botanical garden in Southeast Asia, it’s the only tropical garden in the world to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1859, its National Orchid Garden houses over 1,000 species of orchids and there are regular free concerts near the lake. Go during the week if you want a little more tranquility, since the gardens become a magnate for families and joggers on the weekends.


#3 Gardens by The Bay Parents looking for something a bit more quirky should check out the Cloud Forest biodome in Singapore’s much lauded Gardens by the Bay. Visitors can take a walk on the causeway which wraps around the length and breadth of the 100-foot-tall man-made mountain. Dripping ferns and pitcher plants are watered with a cool mist, an added bonus no matter how hot the equatorial temperatures get outside.


#4 Singapore Zoo & Night Safari For those traveling with children old enough to be too cool for plants, then it might be a good idea to pull out that tried and true staple. The zoo! The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari features over 3,200 animals living in spacious enclosures, often grouped together with other species that they’d live with naturally in the wild. Morning, when the air is still cool, is one of the best times to enjoy one of the zoo’s most popular attractions, breakfast with orangutans. As well as other friendly zoo residents. Afterwards, take a stroll over to the Asian Elephant House for a ride or you can come by after sunset to see the more nocturnally inclined at the Night Safari exhibit which is, unsurprisingly, only open when it’s dark.


#5 Snow City Singapore Long before there was Ski Dubai, the indoor ski hill and winder wonderland in the uber rich Gulf Emirate, there was Snow City Singapore. Board or ski while the wee ones build snow men, snow tube or tunnel through the igloo in the play area. Being as they keep Snow City at a nippy 23℉ (-5℃), it’s a good idea to dress warmly. As you probably didn’t see fit to pack ski accoutrements, everything you’ll need is available for rental.

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